Sunday, March 31, 2013

Admixture proportions

Many DNA-genealogists like to find out what admixture proportions they get when running their autosomal DNA results in these different tools that are available from and other.

One of the more popular tools at the moment are the Eurogens K36 Admixture Proportions.

I have also used this tool on both my fathers- and mothers DNA results and came up with the following admixture results;

My Father;
North_Sea        24.08%
Fennoscandian        19.14%
North_Atlantic        12.47%
Eastern_Euro        11.49%
French             6.85%
East_Central_Euro     6.60%
Iberian             6.29%
Italian             5.34%
Central_Euro         5.10%
North_Caucasian         1.40%
Basque             0.56%
Volga-Ural         0.35% 
West_Med         0.25%
Oceanian         0.09%

My Mother;
Fennoscandian        23.85%
North_Sea        19.11%
North_Atlantic        11.40%
Eastern_Euro         9.76%
East_Central_Euro     7.60%
Central_Euro         6.91%
Iberian             5.47%
French             5.02%
East_Balkan         4.68%
Basque             3.65%
Volga-Ural         1.28%
West_Med         1.26%

As you can see its rather similar in most parts. My mother have some more eastern ancestry.

I am a bit curious about the French and Italian parts in my fathers results (and Oceanian?), but as with most of these deep ancestral results, its hard or impossible to find anything about it in the available sources.

I also did the Hunter/Gatherer vs. Farmer test also from Eurogene and got the following results;

Baltic Hunter Gatherer        66.48%
Mediterranean Farmer        25.16%
Anatolian Farmer         5.92%
Oceanian Hunter Gatherer     1.05%
North Eurasian Hunter Gatherer     0.89%
Bantu Farmer             0.28%
South American Hunter Gatherer     0.22%

Baltic Hunter Gatherer        67.10%
Mediterranean Farmer        26.03%
Anatolian Farmer         3.09%
North Eurasian Hunter Gatherer     2.29%
Middle Eastern Herder         0.52%
South Asian Hunter Gatherer     0.50%
South American Hunter Gatherer     0.30%
Pygmy Hunter Gatherer         0.16%

As these results indicate 3/4 of my ancient ancestors where hunters/gatherers and 1/4 farmers.

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