Sunday, September 30, 2012

Swedish DNA?

At this moment Family Tree DNA are doing an survey regarding ancestral origin of their Family Finder customers.
This is an attempt to expand and get more relevant information in to the Population Finder (admixture) results.

Today most Swedes that have taken the Family Finder autosomal DNA-test will have the result in Population Finder that they are "Orcadians", and perhaps some small amount of French ancestry that can be traced back to possible Walloonian heritage that some Swedes do have.

So the goal is to find a more suitable population then Orcadian to define a typical Swede. But are there any special Swedish population? Maybe it will be more natural to call it Scandinavian or Nordic or Vikings or something? I dont know, but it will be very interesting to follow what this process will end up in and what our new definition will be named.
Swedes and Norwegian people are pretty much the same will be my guess, and that perhaps also the Danes will get very close. The Finnish population is probably more related to eastern populations, but Sweden and Finland have been connected for a very long time, so this could be influenced of course.

Above is a view from my fathers ( a typical Swede) Population Finder result in FTDNA.
100 % Orcadian and many people have felt this not to be very informative.
Hopefully the detailed information now soon will be more relevant and detailed.