Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Allt för Sverige

A couple of days ago the second season of the very popular TV-show titled "Allt för Sverige" started.
The reality-show is called "The great Swedish Adventure" in USA and its about 10 Americans with Swedish heritage that are coming to Sweden and together experience Swedish history and culture along with having to compete for the chance to meet some of their living Swedish relatives and get to know more about their Swedish ancestry.

The show is not showed outside Sweden and that is a pity, since many Americans would probably appreciate the show. Perhaps it will be aired over there someday?

If you want to apply to participate in the show, there are some information about it here;

This seasons participants as seen on SVT website; http://www.svt.se/allt-for-sverige/
Allt för Sverige - season 2
 The show is very popular here in Sweden, even if some think that the competitive part of the show is unfair since every week one of the participants have to leave and go back home in USA. But they do get their ancestral info even if they loose.
I think the show is both interesting and fun to watch and its very exciting to follow their adventure in Sweden.

I have helped many Americans with Swedish ancestry to find out about their Swedish roots and I do recognize the emotional part that is seen on the show also on many of my clients.

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